Dr Charles Parker Improves Treatment Strategies Through The Latest Biomedical Data Tools

Three Complimentary Parker Resources

1. CoreBrain Journal Traning Insights Introduce Reasonable Hope

Connect at CoreBrain Journal for team insights that bring together mind insights from the brightest and most interesting thought leaders in the evolution of mind science. Our imperative mission: Connect rapidly evolving mind science with street experiences to translate and democratize the dialogue with concerned citizens globally. Our focus: dramatic discoveries in brain and biomedical science encourage more informed care, more predictable outcomes, safer treatment strategies. Our remarkable Guests include neuroscience researchers from molecular neurophysiologists who evaluate and improve changes in transporter proteins on presynaptic nerves, to experts who use deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for multiple treatment failure conditions, to citizen journalists with fresh recovery insights for such conditions as Alzheimer’s, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Autism. We pepper their informed insights with direct reports from concerned citizens who have benefited from freshly evolved understandings and treatment protocols.

Share CoreBrain Journal: CBJ is about informed connections that improve target details, correct treatment failure, change perceptions and provide improved care globally. We hope you will share these exciting insights with your team wherever you are, from a high school neuroscience beginner, to a teaching professional in Sydney, to a psychiatrist in Saudi Arabia, to an informed clinician in Beverly Hills. At CBJ we welcome Core Team insights from any innovative contributors through these easy portals:

2. Complimentary CorePsych Articles, Videos, And Treatment Options

For > 10 years I’ve shared life changing insights from many peer-reviewed resources at CorePsych. Yes, we provide Services at CorePsych, but our most exemplary mission there is to use posts and videos to explain the previously unexplained: From why psych medications don’t work – to how their use can be improve through basic understanding of measurable comorbid biomedical impediments. Biomedical dual diagnosis can confound cookie cutters solutions based on the limited superficiality of behavioral appearances, and often mind issues can be significantly corrected without medications at all.

Treatment failure, more often than not, is a direct result of biomedical innocence and guesswork that dances around the understandable complexity of mind science.

Take a look, just search for your topic questions from the complexity of ADHD and Executive Function to how Copper as a cofactor in neurotransmitter formations can completely prevent resolution of an obvious symptom appearance:


3. Complimentary YouTube Channel Videos – More Than 50 Tutorials

I’ve produced more complimentary videos on the multiple challenges with ADHD medical diagnosis and treatment strategies than anyone in the world – at YouTube they are easily available for your review. Make sure you take advantage of the links and resources listed in those video descriptions.

For an easy PDF guide to download and give to your medical professionals that condensed playlists and objective for more predictable and accurate care:


Our CorePsych team specializes in the most advanced brain and biomedical assessments with highly specific treatment recommendations for those who suffer with refractory, inadequate responses to conventional psychiatric/brain treatments at any level. The compelling imperative: data matters.

Read my New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense – it connects Brain Science with Common Sense medical applications that apply to many clinical psychiatric challenges.  Too many don’t pay sufficient attention to the meds for paying attention. If you understand the significance of ADHD misinformation, you’ll begin to see how much of traditional psychiatric diagnosis is limited by inadequate labels with insufficient treatment protocols. Without modern scientific inquiry speculation becomes the standard – and effective treatment Rules remain conjectural, mercurial, or non-existent.

Digital Availability Here: At these bookstores. New ADHD Medication Rules: Excerpts and testimonials here. Global Amazon Link: http://geni.us/adhd 

How can fresh biomedical data help you?

Healthy brain function involves much more than a simple understanding of just synaptic junctions. Fresh laboratory brain data and biomedical measurements provide improved – objective – diagnostic opportunities. With improved data we correct mind function imbalances using precise cellular and molecular levels. Our advanced, comprehensive assessments include specific treatment recommendations based upon the best information from macro-SPECT functional brain imaging to micro-assessments for imbalances with neurotransmitters, hormones, the immune system – and, if indicated by clinical review, we measure specific trace elements, toxic elements and heavy metals.

Data absolutely matters.

Our approach sets advanced clinical standards for evidence-based neuroscience assessments and scientifically improved treatment systems. Take a look at this Speaking page to see what I’ve been up to. To see effective connections between brain science and common sense: biomedical, neuroscience evidence matters.

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