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New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense Rules Cover:card
2nd Ed, 2012

This New Rules is the new paperback, 2nd Edition, completely re-edited. Most ADHD meds are controlled substances, but of the medications available for cognitive challenges ADHD meds are the least understood and least controlled of meds given to the public. The reason? No rules. New Rules is the only book written specifically to educate the public for ADHD medications – written in an effort to bring fresh science to an otherwise ambiguous and confusing medical landscape. ADHD diagnostic and treatment specifics do matter – you already know that.

New Rules covers the absolutely essential details, many that will help you work better with your doc or your extended medical team wherever you are in the world. Having traveled for years all over the country providing medication training from small towns in Oklahoma, to Minot, North Dakota, to the largest metropolitan cities, New York City and LA, I can report with certainty that very few practitioners appreciate or use many of the essential medical details in these pages. Do yourself and your family a big favor, read these common sense strategies to become part of the growing group of informed ADHD citizenry. Details and biomedical evidence absolutely make a big difference in medical outcomes.

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Deep Recovery: Essential Lessons For Advanced Self Management        DeepRecovery
– 2nd Ed, 1992 

Subtitled: How to use your most difficult relationships to find out who you are. Written in ’92 I found myself on the same mission as I am today. Frozen labels are out, living dynamics are in. That writing context in ’92: the same level of dissatisfaction in my experience working then in addiction medicine. I regularly witnessed the destructive potential of unmanaged feelings in personal relationships – both in my life as an Executive Medical Director of a very successful treatment program, and in my professional life with some colleagues in mental health – of all things. You could be sick in the hospital or sick in your ‘mental health’ approach to life.

Deep Recovery takes the reader away from reductionisitic, limited label thinking –  the big label was then Codependency – into the reality of real recovery activities that work in balanced relationships. Stuck with that “codependency” label many still have no idea what to do with it. Yes, it looks like a book about recovery, but the underlying ‘self management in relationships’ theme covers far more territory. Deep Recovery took me on the sales management, sales training speaking circuit for years.

I’m also including some Collector copies of the first edition here – I really should mark them up for historical value 😉 – but with just a few left, I’ll mark them down to move them out. Jump on them while they last.

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