In the field looking for details.

In the field, looking for details.

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Upgrade Your Attention Right Now: Use These Fresh Biomedical Details To Improve Your ADHD Treatment Outcomes

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Complimentary Tutorials, Playlists and Video Commentary

1.  ADHD Medication Video Channel Details: Let’s work together to correct this pressing confusion. Watch my DrCharlesParker YouTube Channel for more details [~ 40 vids – more than 128,000 views]. Each video describes ADHD applications that work – from DOE – Duration of Effectiveness, the Therapeutic Window, and many more understandable ADHD Medication details. Subscribe For Updates while you’re there, – many more video updates already outlined for production.

2.  ADHD Medication Video Tutorial – Basic Playlist: While at YouTube check out this, exceedingly practical how-to playlist: ADHD Medication Video Tutorial ~ 30 min, 8 short videos that break New ADHD Medication Rules down for easy digestion.

3. ADHD Medication Video Tutorial – Dosing Strategy – Playlist: Many years and many thousands of patient hours make this series mandatory after you review the basics on how meds should work at playlist 2, just above.  See this ADHD Medication Dosage Tutorial ~ 32 min, 9 short videos that review some of the New Rules details regarding precise medication strategies.

4. ADHD Medications and Immunity: Gut and Brain Details – Advanced Playlist: This series of videos is controversial right now, but will not be at all controversial when medical professionals actually study the details on refractory response to meds. If ADHD meds aren’t working for you, if you’re simply not responding predictably, then study this series immediately, and jump on those recommended Transit Time Details to get started. ADHD Meds and Immunity: Gut and Brain Details Tutorial ~ 28 min, 8 short videos that can show you how the mind and body are connected for improved med management.

– Hope you will join me in paying better attention! 😉 Biomedical details will change the way you think…

Dr Charles Parker
Author: New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common Sense