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Out and back, maps matter.

Out and back, detailed directions matter.

If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.
W. Edwards Deming

Over at CorePsych I share hard data that encourages improved standards for the necessary national changes in psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Do Search for your personal topics there in over 400 articles and videos.

Interestingly, Reality, Context and Cognition remain remarkably outside the diagnostic radar, off the maps for current mind assessments. I’ve set for myself the personal mission of leaving no stone unturned in efforts to correct even the most challenging clinical presentations – and will continue to share them with you in the several options here at this site. Yes, sometimes we can’t absolutely correct imbalances as completely as we would like, – but we do use the best available data, and never find our deeper inquiries limited by the current amorphous psych labels that create so many disappointments.

Diagnosis by superficial appearance is out, brain and biomedical data findings are decidedly in. At CoreBrain we teach both professionals and the public about these fresh, data driven options – and list trained CoreBrain Coaches there for your coaching next-steps. These evidenced-based findings now find acceptance with increasingly informed medical practitioners. Maps, even superficial maps, provide improved, more predictable treatment outcomes. Without details one can easily find themselves lost in the infinite wilderness of mind possibilities.  Appearances are out, data is in.

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.
George Elliot, Writer

Biomedical details available at CorePsych offices, in person or virtually by Skype, FaceTime or simple phone: Phone Protocol PDF.

  • Pharmacology: Complete Medication Review – Drug interactions, indications – specific criteria and parameters evaluated for every medication and supplement, every medication review.
  • SPECT Brain Imaging for macro review: We see many second opinions following colleagues who prescribe medications only based upon those scans – many SPECT reports neglect deeper metabolic and cellular inquiries or considerations.
  • Neurotransmitter Assessments: I lecture nationally with NeuroScience, the largest company to step forward with these useful data points, and see remarkable improvements when reviewed.
  • Hormone Assessments: In concert with neurotransmitters: adrenal, and estrogen challenges play a significant part in mood recovery.
  • Immune Challenges: Using both IgG and IgE testing for specific quantitative assessments we regularly find serious contributions with food allergies to complex presentations. Simply correcting that damaging diet can yield dramatic results.
  • Trace Elements: Tissue Mineral Analysis [TMA] may sound like snake oil to some, but we’ve witness adolescents with psychotic presentations fully recover when we discovered, for example, copper toxicity through hair analysis. At CorePsych we measure for 30 trace elements through hair at a surprisingly low cost, because we don’t up-sell our tests.
  • Heavy Metals: Lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum and many other metals can also be assessed through specific hair testing. With references from the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, that data can’t be dismissed as bunco – and, more often than not, it works surprisingly well to remove those toxic elements. We don’t provide IV chelation at CorePsych, but refer that type of chelation procedure out should data indicate IV chelation as a potentially more efficacious strategy. At CorePsych we do use specific oral chelation strategies.
  • Cognitive Assessments: Traumatic Brain, ADHD, Dementia, Minimal Cognitive Impairment [MCI]: The most comprehensive cognitive clinical office evaluations available. We know how to ask the questions, support and appreciate good neurospsychological testing and know how to mix traditional medical assessments and interventions with the newest integrative measures. SPECT, Neurotransmitter and Trace Element imbalances provide a measurable difference in target recognition.

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National & International Connections

Consults: I do provide Personal Consults globally, with patients in Taiwan, South Africa, Iceland, Paris, Mexico, London and Columbia to name but a few. We use FaceTime and Skype [details just below].

Treatment: We do require travel, a personal visit, to our Virginia Beach office for treatment, for writing specific medications. Details on the Va Beach office and airport here below.


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