For detailed navigation, evidence matters.

For detailed navigation, evidence matters.

On The Road: Both Virtual and On Site  

Experience is not what happens to you
– it’s how you interpret what happens to you.
Aldous Huxley

The road beckons since that 1982 International Congress of Adolescent Psychiatry meeting in Paris [with lo-tech simultaneous translation], and those exciting experiences with interesting audiences continue up to the present day. I love to spread the word, and am on a mission to improve what we do on several levels, from he latest biomedical science to accurately address human behavior, to workplace and family relationships that work over time.

I both talk the talk, and daily walk the walk. Take a look at my CV below. My unusual diversity of medical training and speaking experience proves interesting to anyone curious about any level of mind evolution – and I’m still learning everyday, with no plans to retire. I love the cards I’ve been dealt, understand better how to play that game, and do make sense out of apparent nonsense.

Navigation With New Maps

If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process,
you don’t know what you’re doing.

W. Edwards Deming, Management Consultant 

With new technology this innovative message can come to diverse global audiences in several different ways. With experience providing teleseminars and conferences since the early 90’s to such diverse groups as the Department of Pediatrics at John’s Hopkins, International Adolescent Psychiatrists in Paris, the Governor’s Caribbean Inter-Island Conference on Substance Use, and Seltel, a media buying firm, in Montauk, Long Island, I understand both the public and the market, and can articulate useful details moving forward.

One frosty winter, about ’01 -before the days of Internet training, I found myself snowed in, grounded, upon barely landing at O’Hare in Chicago on my way to a much anticipated dinner presentation in Fargo, ND. Instead of cancelling I orchestrated the entire program from my room in the Hilton at O’Hare with the rep on the dinner scene in icy, snowed out, Fargo – over the phone. I sent her the PowerPoint file and she changed the slides while I gave the presentation.

They loved it. She said you could hear a pin drop in the room with the audience fixated on both the message and process. Audience participation took place by clinging utensils on glasses – you had to be there!

Heraclitus hit the nail right on the head back in 500 BC – the times are changing regarding mind science:

The sun is new each day.

Mind maps change dramatically with new mind science. Let’s work together to get the word out, one way or another. See the excepts from my book, New ADHD Medication Rules below – the need for improved medical care is both immediate and global. New brain science and balanced relationships both need serious attention. Too many aren’t paying attention to remarkably available, easily-translated details.

At CorePsych we pay attention to biomedical details spelled out carefully here.


Out on the trail, markers matter.

Out on the trail, markers matter.

Speaking Details

Parker Speaking CVs:
1. Media CV:   Download Parker’s Curriculum Vitae
2. Parker CV: Without Personal Statement


Media Interview Materials

New ADHD Medication Rules – Brain Science & Common SensePublisher Comments – Amazon Best Seller in 6 Categories [3 for paperback and 3 for Kindle].

Why Interview Parker? Global Problems With ADHD Meds PDF

Testimonials From Both Experts and The Street PDF

InterviewNew ADHD Medication Rules Excerpts PDF

Interview Questions for Radio/TV Review .5 – 1 Hr PDF:

Parker Photo: 200 px.   Parker Photo: 800 px jpg

Photo: Cover of New ADHD Medication Rules

Ask for Paperback or PDF for your personal review, Tiffany will facilitate our connection at this Contact Page.


Publishing/Media Activities

> Archives From My Radio Program: ADHD Meds | Straight Talk

> Social Networking Sites and Brief About Bio

> Google+

> Amazon Authors Page – Strong Book Testimonials at The New Rules Kindle Store

> You Tube: drcharlesparker – ~ 192,255 Total views

> You Tube: See This Most Viewed Video – “ADHD OCD and Anxiety~ 28,323 Views


Samples of Key Presentation Topics

  • Paris, France: International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, Adolescent Substance Abuse 1982
  • Sun Valley, Idaho, Recovery Centers 1994
  • Northwest Conference on Addictions, Seattle: 1994 On Deep Recovery
  • Fredricksburg, VA, Sales Team at Selling Power Magazine 1996
  • Vienna Austria, Max Media, Sales and Management – a Media Buying Group
  • Montauk, one year and NYC the next, Media Buyers: Seltel Media 1996 & 7
  • Guest Consultant: With Dr Edward de Bono at Electronic Data Systems [EDS] – Dallas ’94
  • Va Concrete Manufacturers Board: Management Evolution for the Board
  • LA, NYC, Boston, Seattle, DC, Phila., and small towns down to Biloxi, MI – on psychopharmacology. 1996-2012 – Phoenix, Lake Tahoe, Miami, NYC including many meetings with ~ 150 psychiatrists. Wyeth and Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Training For Wyeth Pharmaceuticals – Keynote at the National Psych Specialty meeting, Chicago 1998
  • Management Consultation 16 week program, RK Chevrolet in Va Beach – Sales and Management Professionals
  • Governor’s Inter-Island Conference on Substance AbuseGrand Cayman Island 1994
  • Northwest Conference on Addictions, Seattle: 1995
  • Food as Medicine Conferences 2007 and 2012
  • NeuroScience Presentations for Medical Professionals – Neuro-Endocrine-Immune challenges for office practice – 2010-2013

Selling Power Magazine did a feature story [~’96] on me, written by the founder and publisher, on Balanced Relationships, resulting in a number of speaking opportunities regarding leadership and self management, beyond meds. Parker article here, written by Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher.

My first book Deep Recovery: How to use your most difficult relationships to find out who you are set the stage for many speaking opportunities nationally both in recovery medicine and self management – more details on my CV below, and at this Amazon Author page. My book topics, both Deep Recovery and New ADHD Medication Rules address inherent limitations with labels and oversimplification – missing customization details that work more effectively – more predictably.

These two books keep the public informed about the high costs, both emotional and economic, of imprecise thinking in both recovery and ADHD treatment.


An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.
Edward de Bono

My Mission

Includes these urgent topics:

  • Relationship management from Bedroom To Boardroom
  • Knowing Your Self: Relationship Management Over Time
  • The Evolution of Pharmacology to Include Molecular and Cellular Data
  • Functional Brain Science From Brain Imaging to Glial Cells and Neurotoxins
  • The Biology Of Mismanagement For HR teams
  • ADHD: Treatments That Work
  • Biomedical Measurements – The Future of Psychiatry: Data Matters.


Connections for Media/Speaking:

> Tiffany Isaacson, Core Brain COO at Tiffany’s email.

Thanks, – talk soon!

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